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Dr. Jože Ramovš

Head of the Institute

Dr. Jože Ramovš graduated from social work in 1975, in 1978 from theology and in 1986 he took his PhD degree from anthropology at Anton Trstenjak at the Faculty of Theology. In the years from 1988 to 1992 he finished a post-graduate specialization from Frankl's logotherapy and existential analysis at Elisabeth Lukas in Germany, where in the years from 1999 to 2003 he qualified himself for the trainer of partners communication. At the forefront of his research, pedagogical and action-development focus are primarily: co-existence in solidarity; communication among young, middle and third generation; personal preparation for quality ageing and preparation of the society for large proportion of the older population; addictions and intoxications. In these areas, he develops and introduces new programmes based on anthropo-hygiene; this is the preventive concept of everyday selfhelp and solidarity, developed on the basis of holistic anthropological concept of a human and on the methodology of social learning in groups. He follows the principle of inseparable connectedness among research, pedagogical and practical action development work in the field of disciplines devoted to work with people. His scientific and professional bibliography  includes over a thousand units.


Mag. Ksenija Ramovš

Director of the Institute

Mag. Ksenija Ramovš has a master's degree in sociology and is university graduate in social work. As a director she manages Anton Trstenjak Institute for gerontology and intergenerational relations. In the area of gerontology and intergenerational relations she devotes herself mostly to the development of family carers' training model and its implementation, and to local preventive programmes' network for healthy, active and dignified ageing. Among her research results is outstanding the discovery of seemingly vital old people, which is important for the training of intergenerational volunteers and for caregivers of the elderly. For more than two decades she has been working in the field of alcoholism as a therapist, pedagogue, and researcher and in action development, where she created a new model of friend groups of treated alcoholics, and in the context of prevention the model of groups for young people for healthy life and good interpersonal relations.



Maja Rant, social worker

Social programe manager
e-mail: maja@inst-antonatrstenjaka.si, maja.rant@gmail.com

Maja Rant is graduated social worker, employed at Anton Trstenjak Institute. She helps on the implementation of various social programs. She also participates in management of the domestic and European development projects in the field of aging, the intergenerational relations and the prevention of drug addiction among young people. Within the network of intergenerational programs for quality ageing she runs the programme called Intergenerational companionship between students and pensioners while learning the computer skills.

Tina Lipar, registered nurse

Health program manager
e-mail: tina.lipar@inst-antonatrstenjaka.si

Tina Lipar is the author of numerous articles published in professional journal Good quality of old age – a journal of gerontology and intergenerational relations. She is also one of the editors of the journal. In the centre of her professional interests are long-term care and improving the quality of life of older people. She participates in planning of Slovenian and European projects. Some of the projects she also administratively manages.






Ana Ramovš, medical doctor

Project coordinator and researcher
e-mail: ana.ramovs.iat@gmail.com


Ana Ramovš is a medical doctor (MD). She is a researcher in the fields of healthy ageing, preventive medicine, public health, geriatrics and ethics at Anton Trstenjak Institute. She is supporting the coordination of intergenerational programmes’ network for quality ageing in Slovenia. She was a coordinator of the end-user pilot study for NITICS, is coordinator for SEAM project, was participating in Social gradient and Medgen borza projects, which are both addressing different health issues of the elderly. She is training volunteers, caregivers and elderly end-users. She has experiences with group work and intervision meetings. At the same time she is working as a medical doctor in University medical centre Ljubljana. She is one of the co-authors of falls prevention manual, was participating in the formation of the Manual for informal caregivers and was presenting the results of the Social gradient project in the last world IAGG congress in Seoul. She presented several paper on different bioethical topics concerning elderly: The problems of overtreatment in medicine – ethical aspects, The dangers of euthanasia, Good intergenerational relation as one of the main protective factors against euthanasia ect.



Tjaša Mlakar, Psychologist

Operative assistant and researcher
e-mail: tjasa.mlakar.iat@gmail.com

Tjaša Mlakar is a psychologist; she graduated with thesis about relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. She works in the field of gerontology and intergenerational relations with research work and action-developmental work. Her main field of work is preventing violence against the elderly; she works on the national program called Aging without violence.










Veronika Mravljak Andoljšek, Teacher of Slovene Language and Sociology

Operative Assistant
e-mail: veronika.andoljsek@inst-antonatrstenjaka.si


Veronika Mravljak Andoljšek is a teacher of Slovene language and sociology. Her work at Anton Trstenjak Institute is focused in the field of preventing violence against the elderly (she is one of the performers of the program Aging without violence). She also volunteer cooperates in socio-cultural programes, especially in the field of family care for the elderly.








Marta Ramovš, Social educator

Operative Assistant
e-mail: marta@inst-antonatrstenjaka.si


Marta Ramovš has graduated in social pedagogy at Faculty of Educational Science, at Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. At the same time she has finished a professional course for Dance educator of Community dance and Educational dance in Bologna, focusing her interests on working with elderly people and intergenerational groups. Her work at Anton Trstenjak Institute includes practical fieldwork with elderly and family carers. She is responsible for contact with Eurocarers association and is monitoring carers clubs around Slovenia. Her research work includes mainly qualitative data processing. She is assisting with action-development work, mainly on the field of deinstitutionalization of long term care.


Ajda Svetelšek, Psychologist

Operative assistant and researcher

e-mail: ajda.svetelsek.institutat@gmail.com

Ajda Svetelšek is a psychologist and a professional worker in the field of social welfare. For her graduation, she did a research on interpersonal aspects of personality and social desirability. She is employed at the Institute of Anton Trstenjak for gerontology and intergenerational relations. Her main work field is research in gerontology and practice in the prevention of violence against the elderly and intergenerational programmes.

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