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If all three generatins

Are closely related,

The youth is safely – beautiful,

The middle age years are silently – fruitful

And serene old age – rich.






Taking into account present circumstances – the traditional patterns of coexistence among generations no longer suffice and the proportion of the elderly population is rapidly increasing – our main focus is given to the development of the new programmes for quality ageing and good relations among young, middle and retired generation.

We have developed over 20 original programmes and a complex model of their implementation in local communities. The programmes are of different types:

  • Programmes for raising awareness of all population about importance and possibilities of intergenerational solidarity and quality ageing.
  • Programmes that promote different types of volunteer work within the field of quality ageing and good intergenerational relations.
  • Trainings to gain intergenerational communication skills.
  • Programmes that support the self-organisation of a local network of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing.
  • Programmes on the level of national network of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing.


Netwok of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing:

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