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Anton Trstenjak Institute was founded in 1992 as the first private institution in Slovenia for scientific research, counselling and education in the field of human relations, health strengthening and distress relieving. The foundation was iniciated by Jože Ramovš, co-founders were Ksenija Ramovš and Anton Trstenjak. As this establishment the Institute was named the Institute of Psychology, Logotherapy and Antropohygiene. In the 1995 the second co-founder of the institute became Slovenian Academy for Sciences and Arts. In 2004 Government of the Republic of Slovenia acknowledged the scientific and professional practise achievements on the field of gerontology by becoming the third co-founder. By that co-foundation the institute renamed as the Institute of Anton Trstenjak for gerontology and intergenerational relations.  Its main fields of work are quality ageing, positive intergenerational relations and developement of methodology for prevention of violence, alcohol abuse, addiction and other risk factors for unhealthy living. In two decades of working, influenced by geriatric and gerontological tradition of dr. Bojan Accetto, the Institute of Anton Trstenjak evolved in the sole Slovenian gerontological institution for research and social programme development.


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