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The characteristics of the Institute on the specific area of ​​intoxicants and addiction are that its research, educational, preventive and therapeutic work is comprehensive and multidisciplinary, resulting from the entire 6-dimensional comprehension of a man.



  • From 1992 to 1995 Transfer of the Project Man from the European area (Ce.IS organization in Rome) and its implementation in Slovenia (the co-operation with the Social Forum for addiction and intoxication).
  • Since 1992 the Institute has participated in the establishment of the Social Forum for addiction and intoxication, and then it was all the time involved in regular counselling to alcoholics and their relatives, families, conducting therapeutic groups for recovering alcoholics, and organizing events.
  • From 1992 we have been developing and conducting of original model of friendship groups for recovering alcoholics and their families.
  • In the 90 years cooperation with counselling providers in the area of eating disorders.
  • Since 1992 Cooperation with the Faculty of Social Work (formerly College) in developing a curriculum and textbooks for teaching the subject of Addiction; holding regular lectures, seminars, tutorials and exams, as well as mentoring for diplomas and postgraduate courses for regular and part-time students.
  • From 1992 deployment and management of a model Young people groups for healthy life: training young people in groups and volunteers (students) to work in this field.
  • In the 90 years conducted together with volunteers a one-day workshop titled It's nice to live in elementary schools for 8 (last) grades, with the aim to prevent intoxication and addiction.
  • Since the 2007 implementation of the programme for the prevention of intoxication among young people in some elementary schools in Ljubljana.
  • Od 2008-do 2010 Producing a model It's nice to live – 5-level model of preventing addiction and intoxication disruption of natural needs in elementary school; co-financed by European Social Fund.
  • From 2011 Development and implementation of a preventive multiplier's programme Let us getting older reasonably, for groups of older people.
  • Since 1992 Active participation with papers in conferences in the field of alcohol addiction and intoxication, in Slovenia and abroad.


  • 2003 to 2005 Alcohol misuse among young people (Head of Research Jože Ramovš, Central Population Register for the Ministry of Health, published in scientific monograph).
  • 2008 to 2010 Protective factors of youth drinking (head Jože Ramovš, Central Population Register for the Ministry of Health, the results presented in the report, at congress in Slovenia and abroad).
  • 2009 The impact of alcoholism on the quality of life of older people (head Ksenija Ramovš, MA; results presented at the World Congress of Gerontology IAGG in Paris in 2009).


  • 1997 Second and third enlarged edition in 1999 and 2001. Glossary of social alcohol terminology (Jože Ramovš).
  • 2007 Youth drinking. Scientific monograph with the results of extensive qualitative research. (Jože Ramovš and Ksenija Ramovš).
  • 2011 Vademecum for treated alcoholics and their families. Handbook for treated alcoholics and their families (Ksenija Ramovš).
  • 2012 Let us getting older reasonably. Handbook for members of groups for quality ageing (Ksenija Ramovš, Jože Ramovš).



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