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VOLUME 8, NUMBER 2, 2005

Unemployed volunteers within Trbovlje’s network of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing
Mateja Eržen

Trbovlje is an old mining town with growing unemployment and at the same time a large human potential, marked by a strong culture of solidarity. An increasing number of volunteers within Trbovlje's network of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing is unemployed. These women perform many more hours of voluntary work than is needed for active membership in the association. The author of this article is, as a network manager, regularly in contact with these volunteers. She has decided to investigate the impact of voluntary work along with the negative consequences of unemployement. Her study was focused on the reasons that led these unemployed people into voluntary work and on the consequences that this voluntary work had on them (changes in their state of health and experiencing), their family and their social network.

Key words: unemployment, voluntary work, the network of intergenerational programmes, family, social network

Housing conditions of the old Slovenian population
Simona Hvalič Touzery

The article discusses the housing specifics of Slovenian elderly people. The majority of statistical data within the article is based on the Slovenian Population census 2002. The author focuses mainly on the size of the households and gender differences, the housing conditions of elderly, the position of the apartments in the building, the size of the apartments or houses and the burden (mainly financial) that they bring on elderly.

Key words: old people, housing conditions, households, Slovenia, gender

Informational society for all - also for old people
Blaž Lenarčič

The author critically reviews the ˝informational society for all˝ concept. To that end he uses secondary empirical data from USA and Slovenia with the purpose to introduce the momentary condition on the area of information inclusion of the old people. Article gives special stress to the factors which are stopping the informatization of the old population. At the end author indicates Slovenian information society further development guidelines, with the purpose that this informational society will be true for all - also for old people.

Key words: informational society, old people, digital divide, social inclusion

Three different performers of social home care in the North Gorenjska
Katja Frelih

The article discusses three different performers of social home care in the north Gorenjska. They are: Centre for social work Radovljica, Old people's home dr. Fr. Bergelj in Jesenice and private performer Adda d.o.o. in Lesce. Social care enables that people can stay in their home environment as long as possible, what seems to be the wish of most of the elder people. In the research we have presented advantages, possible disadvantages and differences among them. The research also includes the interviews with users of social home care and on the other side interviews with social care workers who are giving a social home care.

Key words: age, aging, social home care, social care workers, users, performers of social home care

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