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VOLUME 8, NUMBER 1, 2005

An integrated approach to the health of the elderly people in Slovenia: literature review from 1994 to June 2004
Majda Pahor, Barbara Domajnko

The article presents the study of the extent and type of the published knowledge about the health of elderly people in Slovenia. The fundamental purpose is to find out whether this knowledge provides grounds for an integrated approach. The aim is to identify the main themes, disciplines, their potential integration, main concepts and implicit theories of aging. Literature review is used as the method of data collection and analysis.
The results are twofold. The database comprises expert and scientific publications in Slovenia after 1994. The table of categories maps the conceptualization of elderly people's health. It is found out that elderly people are represented primarily as aging bodies, highly prone to risk and illness. As such they present a potential problem and a threat in the sense of a great burden to the society at large. Data testify to the prevalent position of the functionalist theoretical perspective on aging and the bio-medical model of treatment of the elderly. They both contribute to a great extent to the medicalization of aging.

Key words: elderly people, health, integrated (holistic) approach, literature review

The oldest old in Slovenia: a demographical overview
Simona Hvalič Touzery

The whole world is facing the phenomenon of the ageing of population. In the next ten years, one third of the European population will be older than 60. However, the fastest growing group are the oldest old. This group of people has specific needs and characteristics, yet in Slovenia the studies up to now didn't give much attention to the oldest old. Therefore, this article is mainly based on foreign sources and the existing Slovenian demographical data. This article discusses the demographical specifics of the oldest old in Europe and Slovenia. In addition to this, the author examines this age group, emphasizes their heterogenity and sets the grounds for future Slovenian studies.

Key words: oldest old, demography, EU, Slovenia

The duties of a network manager in the intergenerational programmes for quality ageing
Mateja Eržen

The article is based on the practical experiences and knowledge that the author gathered through her work in the intergenerational programmes for quality ageing. She outlines six smaller programmes that are carried out within one general programme of the Slovenian intergenerational association for quality ageing. She focuses mainly on the practical duties, activities and concrete findings. The author emphasizes the necessity for existence of the profession of "network manager" within the nongovernmental sector. The work of a network manager has two important characteristics that are intertwined: friendly relations with volunteers and a professional approach at the work management.

Key words: old age, voluntary work, the network of intergenerational programmes, companionship, group leader, intergenerational association

Gerontology and geriatric in Czech society
Iva Holmerová

The author briefely describes historical development and current position of geriatry and gerontology in Czech republic. It includes also some information on the National action plan for preparing on ageing of the population.

Key words: gerontology, geriatric, Czech society

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