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VOLUME 4, NUMBER 3-4, 2001

Social policy and old people: a comparative analysis of Denmark, Italy and Slovenia

The article discusses elderly care policies in three countries: Denmark, Italy and Slovenia. These countries have more or less successfully responded to greying of the population, changes in the family structure and new female employment patterns. It is important to emphasize the role of informal sector -mostly families- in performing caregiving tasks. After all, the evidence shows that the caregiving is in domain of family and relatives. There is a danger that the number of potential informal family caregivers will decrease substantially in the future. Therefore, the states must adopt suitable social policies.

Key words: social policy, social security, old people, informal help, caregiving

The quality of life and the level of satisfaction of residents and employees in Old people’s home Preddvor

The article presents the results of the research study on the quality of life and the level of satisfaction of residents and employees in Old people's home Preddvor. The author studied the residents’ satisfaction with quality of nursing and the employees' attitude towards residents. She also examined the deficiency of the common arrangements in old people's home. She analysed the interviews with residents, and the questionnaires passed to their relatives and employees of the old people’s home. The results have shown that the residents are satisfied with nursing, employer's attitude towards them and with common arrangements. Their answers also revealed their humble attitude, which enable them to feel good in the institution. Employees are exposed to negative elements of emotional work and are trying to work with residents as individual persons.

Key words: institution, quality of life, satisfaction, emotional work, adaptation to institutional life.

Sleeping disorders at old age

The author presents physiological sleeping, which occurs in phases. The article gives a preview of the causes of the insomnia and how it is treated. The sleeping hygiene is very important. In conclusion the author speaks about oversleeping or unusual behavior while sleeping.

The message of professor Dirk Struik: live actively till the end of life

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Loneliness of elderly people and the possibilities for solving this problem - expert meeting

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The role of volunteers in the programmes for quality ageing, dying and mouring - expert meeting

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