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The Europe of the Youth

Project idea: discussion on the values and principles that are at the basis of the European construction, with a special view to the enlargement, from the point of view of the young people. Young people will be asked to represent in one video the values and principles in which they identify themselves. These video will be presented in Rome in a conference where the topics arisen in video will be further analysed and discussed.


Discussion on:

values and sources of the European construction
cultural diversity in Europe


Centro italiano di Solidarietà di Roma (CeIS), Italy
Catholic University of Applied Sciences (KFNW), Nemčija
Universidad de Deusto, Spain
Anton Trstenjak Institute, Slovenia
Jaunie Vanagi, Youth Association of Latvia (LINK NA:

Time schedule:

the beginning of the project activities: 1st June 2004
the end of the project activities: 30th June 2005

Project duration:
13 months

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