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Pointer prof. dr. Jože Ramovš, The head of the Institute
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  Dr. Ramovš is a scientist, social worker and a doctor of anthropology. He has a European degree of psychoterapy (EDP). In the last 25 years, he devoted most of his attention to social problems of addiction. But in the last decade, he mostly works on the area of the social gerontology and geriatrics. Dr. Ramovš is an author of numerous books and articles. In the forefront of his scientific work are intergenerational relations, preparations for quality ageing and creation of postmodern social network of intergenerational programmes for quality ageing. Dr Ramovš is the president of The Council of Experts for social protection within The Ministry of Work, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. He is also a member of a Group of Specialists on Improving the Quality of Life of Elderly Dependent Persons (CS-QV) at The Council of Europe.
Pointer M.A. Ksenija Ramovš, Director of the Institute

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Ksenija Ramovš is a social worker and a researcher at the Institute. She introduced friendly groups of treated alcoholics, groups of young people for healthy living and good human relationship into social work. Within one of her studies she discovered category of vital and non-vital elderly people. Since the year 2001 she is responsible for the project "Development and expansion of self-help programmes for preparing on good quality of old age". She took an active part in the international project (EuroSET) aimed in preparing curiculuum for stakeholders in the third sector organizations.

Pointer Mateja Zabukovec, social worker
  operative assistant at the social programmes
Pointer Maša Birsa
  University graduate in pedagogy and adult education. 4 years experience working in intergenerational programs, organization of intergenerational camps, participation in self-help group and intergenerational groups. 2 years experience in the field of youth work, management of projects, and organization of trainings, street based youth and participation in camps abroad.
Pointer Tina Lipar, graduated nurse
  Tina Lipar is taking part in Slovene and European programmes and projects, in European project SOGRAP, project Let them get older at home. She is conducting family carers courses, taking part in training volunteers and multipliers. She is also in charge of collecting and distributing gerontological knowledge in journal Good quality of old age and she is website administrator
Pointer Maja Rant, social worker
  operative assistant
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